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After you have enrolled, simply text one of the commands listed below to our shortcode, 40293, and you will receive a text message response.


BAL: Texting "bal" shows a list of your accounts and suffixes with their current available balances. Credit cards are identified by their last 4 digits.

HELP: Texting "help" shows you a list of keywords and their functionality. Texting "help {command}" shows help on that command.

HIST: Texting "hist {account suffix}" shows a list of recent transactions on that account. Example: "hist 10"

LIST: Texting "list" shows a list of your account suffixes with their associated account types.

LOAN: Texting "loan {account suffix}" shows details on your loan, such as the next payment due date. Example: "loan 1"

TRAN: Texting "tran {amount to transfer}" transfers funds between two accounts. Do not include dollar signs or decimals. You will be prompted to enter the accounts to transfer from and to.

STOP: Texting "stop" deactivates your account. You will no longer have access to TextBanking until you register with your credit union again.