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Kasasa Cash Checking

More Cash

We basically pay you to bank here. By doing banking basics that you probably already do

Free Kasasa Cash® Checking

Choose Kasasa Cash® and get rewarded with high rates and refunds on ATM withdrawal fees!

  • 1.00%1 on balances up to $15,000; 0.01%1 if qualifications aren't met
  • Refunds on ATM withdrawal fees, nationwide (up to $20 monthly)
  • Can link to free Kasasa Saver account that earns high interest

Open an Account 

How to Qualify

And earning your rewards is easy!

Enrollments must be in place and all of the following transactions and activities must post and settle to your Kasasa account during each Monthly Qualification Cycle:

  • At least 12 debit card or credit card purchases
  • At least 1 ACH Credit/Direct deposit
  • Be enrolled in and agree to receive online statements

But if you don't meet these qualifications, don't worry. Your account is still free. 

Kasasa Cash Calculator

How much will I earn with Kasasa Cash® Checking?
Enter your checking account balance:
Interest earned in one month:
Interest earned in one year:

Mastercard® ATM & Check Card

A debit card with Secure Chip Technology is a convenient way to manage your finances.

  • No annual fee
  • Access to over 100,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide
  • Mastercard® Zero Liability Protection
  • International acceptance
  • Enhanced security
  • Add your Mastercard ATM & Check Card to your Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay™ account

Mastercard® ATM & Check Card

Debit Card Perks

Security & Protection

  • Mastercard® Zero Liability Protection is behind every transaction. That means you won’t be liable for any fraudulent card activity.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, or you notice fraudulent activity on your account, please contact us immediately.
  • Let us know before traveling especially when going abroad. 

Digital Wallet

  • Enjoy the convenience of paying with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay™ at participating retailers. 

Table data for Kasasa Cash Checking
 Rates effective 03-24-2023
Dividend Rate APY1 Alert Me
$0.01 to $15,000.00 1.00% 1.00% Receive a notification when this rate changes
$15,000.01 and over 0.10% 0.10% Receive a notification when this rate changes
Non-qualifying accounts $0.01 and over 0.01% 0.01% Receive a notification when this rate changes
Open a Checking Account Online Receive a notification when this rate changes
Kasasa Cash® Disclosure 1Kasasa Cash: Earn 1.00% APY on balances up to $15,000.00 in each Monthly Qualification Cycle that your account qualifies. The portion of your balance above that cap will earn an interest rate of 0.10% resulting in a range from 0.10% to 1.00% APY, depending on the account’s balance, each cycle that your account qualifies. Earn 0.01% APY in cycles that your account does not qualify. “Monthly Qualification Cycle” means a period beginning one (1) day prior to the first day of the current statement cycle through one (1) day prior to the close of the current statement cycle. “Statement Cycle” means the period of time for which Hanscom FCU provides a summary of the financial activities and transactions that post and settle to the accountholder’s account. Rates and rewards are subject to change and may change after account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings.
  • 1APY = Annual Percentage Yield.