Kids Accounts

Start the journey to good financial habits

My Money

  • Help your child develop a positive, healthy attitude towards money.
  • Savings account with no fees and minimum balance of only $25.
  • Kid-friendly checking accounts with check card services (with adult co-signer. Ages 7 and up)
  • Link family accounts for easy and safe transfers.
  • Graduating high school seniors may apply for the John F. Condon Memorial Scholarship.

Open an Account

What better way for a child to learn about money than to have their own - Savings or Checking account? If you're an existing member and a parent, grandparent, or guardian, share the gift of membership.

Ready to open an account?
A qualified guardian can start the application process below.

  • When you have completed the form below, press the SUBMIT button to send your request. Do not print out this form or mail it in.
  • We will then send you an application package, including signature cards and our Disclosure for Personal Accounts.
  • Please complete and return the documents that we'll mail to you, along with a check or money order for a minimum of $25. 

In addition to a savings (primary share) account, I am interested in the following types of accounts

ATM & Check Card
Telephone/Online Access
CU Thrive
Higher-Yield Savings
Money Market

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