CU Thrive Automated Savings Program

Saving is Easy with CU Thrive

Automated Savings Overview

  • We'll reward your efforts with a terrific rate, which you'll earn for one year on your CU Thrive account.
  • You can begin with as little as $5 or as much as $500 per month, which will automatically transfer from your Hanscom FCU checking account to your CU Thrive account.
  • View the CU Thrive Disclosure (PDF).

Table data for CU Thrive
 Rates effective 03-30-2020
Dividend Rate APY1 Alert Me
2.96% 3.00% Receive a notification when this rate changes
  • 1APY = Annual Percentage Yield. No minimum balance requirements apply to this account. Rates for a CU Thrive Account are fixed for the full term (12 months) with a maximum contribution amount of $500 per month. You may schedule transfers up to $500.00 (minimum $5.00 ) each month from a Hanscom FCU checking account. This account will not automatically renew at maturity. There can only be one CU Thrive account open per membership. Please refer to the Disclosure for Personal Accounts for more information. Early withdrawal penalties may apply to certificates. Fees may reduce earnings and the principal amount may be reduced to cover the penalty. To get started click here, stop by any office or call our Member Services Department at 800-656-4328.


  • How do I deposit into my CU Thrive account?
    All deposits are made automatically from your Hanscom FCU checking account. You may not deposit cash or checks, transfer funds online, by phone, or at a branch, or transfer from another member's checking or a checking account you own at another financial institution.
  • Is there a minimum balance to open a CU Thrive account?
    The account is opened with a $0 balance. You must transfer at least $5 per month to the account, beginning in the first month (30 calendar days).
  • How much can I transfer per month?
    You may transfer any amount between $5 and $500 per month.
  • How often can I transfer funds?
    You can transfer once per month, twice per month (on the 1st and 15th) once every two weeks, or every week.
  • How do I transfer funds to CU Thrive?
    When you open the account, you will choose how much you wish to transfer and the frequency. Transfers are made automatically from your Hanscom FCU checking account. You may not transfer funds online, or transfer from another member's checking or a checking account you own at another financial institution.
  • Can I change my CU Thrive transfer?
    You may change or stop your transfer at any time during the term. To change the amount or frequency of your CU Thrive transfer, contact us by secure email, telephone, or in writing. If you stop transfers, your account balance will continue to earn dividends until the account matures.
  • Can I close my CU Thrive account?
    Closing your CU Thrive account before the anniversary date will result in a penalty of 90 days dividend on the amount withdrawn. Penalties may reduce the investment below the principal held at the beginning of the term.
  • Can I roll funds to a new CU Thrive account on my anniversary date?
    You may not roll over funds from your previous CU Thrive account.
  • Are there any fees on a CU Thrive account?
    No. There are no fees to open or maintain a CU Thrive account.
  • How do I keep track of my CU Thrive account?
    Your account will be displayed in your statement and Online Account Access. Related transfers will be posted in the appropriate account. We will mail you a renewal notice prior to your CU Thrive account's anniversary date.
  • Can I open multiple CU Thrive accounts?
    No. There can only be one CU Thrive account open per membership. You may open a new account on your anniversary date by contacting us when you receive your anniversary notice.

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Excellent accross the board 100%


Expert help

Boston Mass


Credit Unions are easy banking


Great people providing outstanding service!

Reading, MA


Fast and easy,


Used Hanscom exchange

Nashua, N.H.


It was great from start to finish.


I enjoyed the service provided from the representative to the supervisor and the time spent to ensure that all my requests were met. Thank you.

Boston, MA




I wish I knew the young Woman who helped me with my account, by the she helped me set up a savings account as well. Away I do most of my banking on line. My only income is my Social Security. My first experience with a Credit Union 1968. Years later I was in a Credit Union at the Philadelphia Naval Base. I love HFCU, it is free, the Staff is always polite and helpful, if they don't have an answer that they know they will surely find someone who can. My only drawback is the distance is 18 miles away. Thank you HFCU

Framingham, MA


a little more time consuming than necessary


The experience was too time consuming. The instructions on my matured cd indicated that I could open a thrive account over the phone. It took three phone calls and finally a visit to your Dorchester office to open it. I am very happy with the rate you offer but it should not have taken so many steps to get it. Your Dorchester office personnel are very pleasant but the office is understaffed. There were many people in line also stating that more staff is needed there. The people on the phones were very pleasant but had limited access to helping me.



Nice encounter!!


Very pleasant experience. Thank you!1

peabody MA


Excellent & Efficient


Excellent customer service as well as great services and rates!

Orlando, FL


Awesome customer service!


So easy to join, great value, and Lauren, my customer service rep was simply awesome!

Enola, PA


Wonderful experience....every time!!


I have been a member of HFCU for some time. Everyone goes out of their way to take care of what you need. I have refinanced my mortgage, a representative came to my house to execute the paperwork to get a lower rate!! The service team when you call in are phenomenal as well!! Thank you HFCU

Chelmsford ma


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