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Using Credit Cards

Using Credit Cards

Credit cards couldn't be simpler or more convenient to use. And then the bill comes. It's a little trickier to manage your payments and balances, but there are smart ways to do that.

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Money Management Planner

Build a successful spending plan. Our free, 12-page planner includes worksheets, tips, and strategies to help you make a strong financial plan with the money you have. It’s easy to read and simple to follow. The tools you need to build your budget are all here. This guide includes worksheets to help you identify all of your income and expenses, a weekly program that will expose where you are frittering away excess cash, and strategies for building your savings.

Download our free Money Management Planner

The 20-Something’s Guide to Savvy Credit Card Ownership

Discover why the right card is crucial to building your credit. The 20-Something’s Guide to Savvy Credit Card Ownership will empower you with the financial advice you need to make smart credit card choices. Learn why to choose credit over debit, how credit is established or ruined, tips to increase your credit score, and common financial terms. The guide also includes a bonus Credit Card Checklist to help you compare credit cards that you are considering.

Download The 20-Something’s Guide to Savvy Credit Card Ownership

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Making small money-saving decisions each day can add up to big savings over the course of a year. Start making changes today to see your savings grow!