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A New Way to Pay

Thank you for using our Pay My Loan service to pay your Hanscom FCU loan.

Effective June 30, we will be replacing Pay My Loan with a full set of payment and external transfer options within our Online Access HD platform. In addition to the ability to pay your Hanscom FCU loan easily from any of your accounts at other banks and credit unions, Online Access HD allows you to see important details about your loan account such as your current rate, due date, minimum payments and more.

What will happen to my current payment arrangements through Pay My Loan?

  • If you have set up recurring payments or have a future scheduled payment, you will not need to take any action to set up your payments through Online Access HD. Any external accounts you have are already configured, and payment arrangements you have made will be moved into Online Access HD.
  • If you manually schedule your loan payments, you will need to have your account information available to set up the initial transaction. If you would like your payment information to migrate automatically, by June 27, simply schedule a future payment for July 1 or later.

What to expect next?

There’s nothing you need to do now. Within the next 3-4 weeks, we will send you your login ID and password

Here are step by step instructions to get you up and running

To sign up for online access for the first time, open the enrollment form by clicking on Enroll in the Online Access HD box on our home page.

New User Enrollment page

  • Complete the information requested on the Enrollment Form
  • Select a user name for your access, click the CONTINUE Button
  • A pop up box will confirm your enrollment, click the CONTINUE Button
  • Select a delivery method to receive a Secure Access Code
  • Enter the Secure Access Code into the pop up box, click the SUBMIT Button
  • Set a new password, click the SUBMIT Button
  • Verify your contact information and notify us if anything is incorrect, click the NEXT Button
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and Accept to proceed
  • Register the device if it is a private computer that you trust
  • Do not register the device if you are enrolling on a public computer or one that is used by multiple people
  • Upon your selection, the Account Overview page will open