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Pay a Person

young man checking his bill pay on mobile

A better way to pay

Pay a Person’s innovative payment platform allows you to use your smartphone to make secure payments or send funds directly from your account to anybody, anywhere, no matter their bank.

Introducing Pay a Person!

The safest, easiest way to send money.

  • Pay a Person is our new, innovative, and secure person-to-person payment platform.
  • Pay anyone directly from your account.
  • Your recipient will have the option to simply deposit the funds into their account or to their debit card.

  • With Pay a Person, you can experience the freedom of modern money management.
  • No need for third-party apps or paper checks.
  • Enhanced verification and fraud monitoring.

friends paying bill

Pay a Person - The safest, easiest, and most innovative way to send money.

  • Enjoy real-time payments from your mobile device.
  • Feel confident in your transactions with added security features.
  • Send funds to anyone, anywhere, regardless of their bank.
  • Split payments between recipients.
  • Set up future-dated and recurring transactions.
  • Never forget your wallet again.
  • Cross-bank payments.
  • Support from our expert team.