COVID-19 Delta Variant Mask Mandate

Face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are now required in all indoor public settings in the City of Boston, Bedford, and Billerica.

Deposit Checks

Deposit checks with Easy Deposit

Deposit Checks

  • Make secure check deposits 24/7 
  • Log on to Online Account Access and click on "Deposit Checks" under the Transactions menu to get started.
  • Deposit Checks online to build your balances without a trip to a branch or ATM. With the mobile app you’ll have the freedom to deposit checks whenever you want – so you’re always in control of your money.

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Get paid up to two days faster

  • In many cases, we are notified that a direct deposit is pending up to two days in advance.
  • We'll make those funds available to you as soon as we are notified, which gives you an early payday.

Direct Deposit

  • To set up direct deposit or payroll deduction use our routing number 2113-8048-3 and your member number as the account number.
  • Select checking to send the deposit to your primary checking account, or savings to send it to your primary savings account. Do not use the account suffix.
  • More control over your money and your time because it is predictable and dependable.