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Excellent Loan Processing Service


I was very pleased with my loan processing experience, Alberto M. from the Bedford, MA Branch was very helpful and I enjoyed working with him. He was very pleasant and provided great customer service. I will refer Hanscom Federal Credit Union to everyone I know!

Center Barnstead, NH


Auto Loan


The loan officer, Alberto, was very responsive and provided information along the way. Was able to get a check at a different branch other than where the loan was originated which qas extremely helpful!!!

Cumberland, RI


Beware hidden fees and a lack of caring


After taking out a car loan, which for me is a big commitment and a lot of money($13,000) I received my payment information in the mail. On that first bill is a MEMBERSHIP FEE. On top of the interest that the bank will receive on my loan, they squeezed in a $50 membership fee. Confused, I called and got a woman on the phone who just repeatedly said it was in my loan paperwork. I guess it's my fault for not reading every disclosure line or so double sided loan work. I think this is a petty charge and terrible business. If I made this call to my hometown bank in Maine, they would have taken the time to talk to me and I think waived the fee. Underhanded and sneaky. I also asked for a monthly bill to be sent to me as I have 2 kids and my wife and I work about 50 hours per week each. This was promptly refused as well. I don't know much about this institution, but I know that my bank would never handle a customer like this.





I had opened an account with HFCU due to a new branch opened near my home. I had gone in around a half hour before closing to opened an account. Once i had told them i wanted to open an account, I had felt that I was being an inconvenience. I brushed it off and figured that it was probably a long day for them. After a couple of weeks, I went in and spoke with someone on how i can improve my credit and see if they offer anything that will help me out. I was told that they are a few ways and they asked if they could run my credit to see what they could work with. After a few minutes of talking about some options, I was told that they could help me and that they needed a some paper work from some collection agencies. I had spent nearly 5 hours the next day with my collection agencies to find out all the information a can (i.e. how much I owe, account numbers, where to send the payment to etc.) I basically believe that i did all the work for them. I was told that I was going to be able to get a loan to pay my debt for the amount of around 2,500.00. I know it is not a lot of money to pay off on my own but I had just got back on my feet and they said that they could help me. Once i went in with all the information, I was told that I couldn't get a loan and the reason for it was that the person was misinformed by the manager and that she sorry. The second unpleasant experience I had, my mother in law opened an account at the same location and referred my name and the reason is because we both get $30.00 in our saving account after about 90 days I believe. It has been about a little over one year and i went in and mentioned it twice and was told that they took care of it both times and we still haven't seen anything. I have been very upset with bank and really considering about looking for a new credit union who cares about the needs of their customers.

North Billerica, M.A.


Awesome Credit Union. Great People to work with


Hanscom has worked with my family for years now, and We have been dealing with the same guy who has helped us out each time. Alberto in Bedford is a an amazing guy to work with! Not only does he work hard for you but he is responsive, reliable, and very outgoing. He did everything he said he was going to do and more. He worked tirelessly to help get me the best rates that fit me and my family. If I need anything else I will be coming back to him and would recommend him to any and all people. It was a pleasure working with Alberto!

Edgewood Maryland


Outstanding Customer Service


I want to personally thank Alberto M. for his outstanding customer service to my family and I. Since becoming members of the HFCU in 2013, this institution has been a blessing for my family and I. Alberto, whom we meet a little over a year ago, has been assisting and completing auto loans for my son and daughter and he has continuously went above and beyond to assist and complete the loan process. We are loyal members of this credit union and will remain for years to come. Thanks, my family appreciate you 8-)

Edgewood, MD


Amazing Service From a Dedicated Employee!


The time finally came in my young adult life that I needed to apply for some sort of loan. I tried reading up on loans and all the terminology before applying for one, but a lot of it was still a bit foreign to me. After taking a trip to the Bedford branch and talking with Alberto, I knew that both him and HFCU were there to help me. He walked me through all my options, gave me the first timer advice I needed, and never pressured me to sign any dotted lines. The service/help I received from Alberto was phenomenal! Thanks Alberto! I really appreciate all the help!

Bedford, MA


Fantastic customer service


I just wanted to bring to attention the incredible customer service provided by Alberto at the Bedford location. I had trouble with my password and had to call back multiple times, Alberto was extremely patient and helpful I never write reviews but I wanted to put in a good word for him because his service was so excellent

Billerica MA




I've reached out to two representatives to help me join this credit union. One did call back and left a voice mail but never called me back after I returned her call and the member service branch never returned my call. I'm not even interested in the credit union anymore.



Best Service Ever!


Alberto is the best, most professional, responsive, fast and efficient service representative I've ever had. He represents HFCU with A+++ service!

Lexington, MA


Hanscom Federal Credit Union Reviews

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