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I've reached out to two representatives to help me join this credit union. One did call back and left a voice mail but never called me back after I returned her call and the member service branch never returned my call. I'm not even interested in the credit union anymore.


Best Service Ever!


Alberto is the best, most professional, responsive, fast and efficient service representative I've ever had. He represents HFCU with A+++ service!

Lexington, MA

Customer (dis)service


Just spoke with Customer Service rep for a second time in two days. First time, could not look up my account using my SSN - had to have my member number. This morning I tried to enroll on line - errored out. Called CS again, verification questions including mandatory stating what my payment is to the penny, this after account # name zip code last four of ssn. Asked about online access - reason for error - no email address on file. Blanked out email and error again as email is mandatory. How does one add an email? By FAX ONLY. Abysmal customer service and snide remarks too. Can't wait to pay off my loan.

Dracut MA

MASS SAVE LOAN thru Hanscom Federal Credit Union


I called other lending institutions listed by MASS SAVE and by far Hanscom was outstanding. One bank stated that the loan/check would take from 30-60 days to process. I called Hanscom and luckily was connected to Anna from the Lexington/Burlington office. She walked me through the on-line process and that same day I was approved for the loan. Anna was over the top helpful. What an outstanding experience. I was also able to pick up the check close by to my office in Downtown Boston at the McCormack building and they were wonderful. Don't waste time with other lending institutions listed by MASS SAVE and contact Hanscom FCU.

Malden, MA


How do I rate the service from Hanscom Federal Credit Union?


The service and product I received from HFCU was excellent! Members went out of there way to assist me with obtaining a credit line that works best for me. I highly recommend their services for any financial need they are able to accommodate.

Boston MA


Colin provided excellent customer service!!!


Colin at the VA branch in WestRoxbury was excellent to work with. I had a stressful situation, and she answered questions, and got the ball rolling for me with such a great attitude. Totally professional and was even my advocate when questions had to go to the main office. Colin, keep doing what you are doing, as you made my life smooth sailing today. Thank you HFCU for hiring the right people to work with your customers!!

Westwood, MA


Online access password reset


Resetting the password after locking the account is hassle and really not a god support from the call center representatives. There is no automatic process to unlock like other CU banks has like a text message / email process. Fed up and thinking of closing out the account.



Deceptive Practices


Last month I had two charges on my HFCU credit card. The first was $7.99, the second was $1.00. I paid the $7.99 charge but missed the $1.00 charge--thus I was hit with a $15.00 late fee on an account with a $1.00 balance. The late was assessed because I didn't make a minimum payment..... I think the $15 late fee is unfair and I e-mail HFCU and request the late fee be waived. I was e-mailed back and was told it was fixed....it wasn't. So I sent a second e-mail saying the account was not "fixed" and please give me the proper credit. I received a second e-mail that said you "WERE" given the proper credit. Not happy, I visited member services at the Hanscom office and dealt with Melissa. She made a call to someone in another part of HFCU and proceeded to tell me all accounting was correct. She pulled some HFCU records and after 10 minutes of going back and forth -- she disappeared for about 15 minutes--to talk to someone in the HFCU back office. She reappeared instead of telling me what happened, she went straight to defense....and I said I don't want to fight over a $15 charge--what's the end state. She finally admitted that there was an accounting error and I was going to receive a credit. OK.............. So I leave, go back on line to find out that I was NOT given a credit (she lied). What she and the back office did is transfer money from my checking account to Credit card--thus creating a credit on my credit card. This is a banking institution. They know (or should know) the difference between a money transfer (which is what HFCU did) and a credit (which I did NOT receive). Never once was I told that they transferred money from my checking account. I was told that I received a credit. So, I made a second trip to HFCU and talked to the assistant Branch Manager. She was nice enough, but made nothing but excuses for the deception that occurred. I looked at her and said, "You're in the banking industry, you know the difference between a transfer and a credit." She acknowledge that HFCU does know the difference....but nothing will be done. It took I believe eight accounting actions to reverse one $15.00 late fee. I have been with HFCU for over a decade and I've had some really good service....apparently those days of good (and truthful) service are gone. My HFCU accounts will be closed as soon as I can make the changes...suggest everyone else do the same.

Hanscom AFB, MA

Super Helpful


Just wanted to pass along to management how great Sheila is. This morning she assisted us with her notary services and was very patient, helpful and informative. Please relay our sincere thanks and kudos to her and the rest of the HFC team. Regards, Jeff and Steph Bacon

Main Office

High yield savings


I have had an high yield savings account with HFCU for a very long time. I make my monthly withdrawals (one per calendar month) from the account. Unfortunately this month, I withdrew very early on once (at a coop shared location)after which there was a situation where I needed more cash. When I called requesting them to make an exception to waive the fee for the second withdrawal, the representative over the phone without even reviewing my transaction history said that she cannot do it. She keeps the call on hold multiple times and every time she came back with more rudeness and lack of knowledge. She had to put me on hold to verify and reconfirm the dividend rate that was paid on these type of accounts. So much on product knowledge. I got a couple of messages from member service citing more than one reason(primarily they have to make profit to pay high yield savings) why they cannot waive the fee for my second withdrawal. They also continue to argue that they made an exception back in 2013 to offer me more than one more withdrawal which I cannot recall or even see in the account history. There is a difference between members that abuse their privileges and members that have genuine needs which in my case I did not foresee. "If we waived the fees of products as members request exceptions, we can not longer offer the products .HFCU would no longer have a profit at year end that we give back to members" Email from member service. They would neither allow me to close the account without paying a fee as I am highly frustrated dealing with them. There is no more value or convenience in banking with them as there are no branch locations where I live. I talk about the advantages and benefits of credit union to everyone that does not have an account with a CU. As community-based, member-owned cooperatives, CUs member values are perceived different than commercial banks. If CU's cannot see the member needs and importance, sense of community who else can?

Marlborough, MA

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