Working together

Board of Directors

Our Board is responsible for establishing policy and maintaining the general direction and control of the credit union. 

  • Paul J. Marotta, Chairman
  • Mark D. Walsh, Vice Chairman
  • Ray T. Phillips, Treasurer
  • John A. Delcore, Secretary
  • Teresa S. Conrad
  • Raymond A. Kahre
  • Hugh W. McNeil
  • David M. Pronchick
  • Lawrence S. Rzepecki


The management team implements strategic initiatives and keeps day-to-day credit union operations running smoothly.

  • David P. Sprague - President/CEO
  • Thomas M. Becker - Senior Vice President, Lending
  • Kimberly J. Houle -  Senior Vice President/CFO
  • David L. Ossam - Senior Vice President, Human Resources/General Counsel
  • Scott L. Post - Senior Vice President, Strategy & Delivery
  • James C. Potter - Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Monique D. Archambeault - Vice President, Operations
  • Susan F. Dunbar - Vice President, Mortgages
  • Elaine C. Jones - Vice President, Branch Administration
  • Karen F. Morey - Vice President, Risk Management
  • Philip E. Purcell - Vice President, Commercial Lending
  • Steve A. Silva - Vice President, Marketing
  • Thomas J. Sweeney - Vice President, Information Systems

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is responsible for employing certified public accountants, performing audits and ensuring effective internal controls and risk management practices are in place.

  • Matt Mleziva, Chairman
  • Brian Bethune
  • Michael McLane
  • Hugh McNeil
  • Daniel Towers


Dedicated volunteers contribute their leadership, knowledge, ideas, and vision to the benefit of their fellow credit union members.

The advisory group meets quarterly to serve as a bridge between the credit union and its members by providing insight and feedback on issues of concern to Hanscom FCU and the credit union movement.

The Member Advisory Group is always looking for new members and is considered the first step in the credit union volunteer journey. You can let us know of your interest by contacting us at 800-656-4328, ext. 2203, or email us for additional information.

  • Elizabeth Basile
  • Brian Bethune
  • David Burke
  • Walter Burke
  • Wayne Busa
  • Norma Costa
  • Deborah Detora
  • Janice Drummy
  • William Fahy
  • Richard Galloway
  • Kasie Gates
  • Kenneth Green
  • Subhash Gupta
  • Alban Landry
  • Geoffrey Lum
  • Samuel Manka
  • Michael McLane
  • Matt Mleziva
  • Robert Paolucci
  • Arnold Peterson
  • Julianne Powers
  • Mary Sciara
  • Jerome Selissen
  • Major Chris Spaulding
  • Hildegard Sullivan
  • Daniel Towers
  • Raksmy Uy
  • Irving Vizcaino
  • Frank West