Temporary Changes to Branch Availability

All branches are closed Thursday, November 26, 2020, in observance of Thanksgiving Day. 

Click here to see temporary changes to branch availability at our Bedford, Cambridge (Mt. Auburn Hospital), Concord, Dorchester (South Bay Center), JFK, McCormack, MITRE Bedford, MITRE McLean (Virginia), Moakley, Natick, and O'Neill branches.


Hanscom Federal Credit Union knows of one investment that can pay huge dividends over the course of an entire lifetime: Education.

John F. Condon Memorial Scholarship

Hanscom Federal Credit Union has established scholarship programs dedicated in honor of a former member of the Board of Directors, John F. Condon. Mr. Condon provided the credit union with invaluable guidance and leadership.  He served our membership faithfully for 26 years and will continue to do so through the scholarships that bear his name.

Up to five $1,500 scholarships will be awarded this year to graduating high school seniors (including gap year graduates). 

We are accepting scholarship applications between January 4, 2021 and March 8, 2021. Should you have any questions regarding the scholarship application process, please contact Cara Powers at 800-656-4328 ext 2203.

  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the John F. Condon Scholarship
    1. Up to five $1,500 scholarships will be awarded this year to graduating high school seniors (including gap year graduates).  

    2. These scholarships are intended to recognize high academic excellence and high achievement in extracurricular and volunteer activities.  Financial need may also be a considered.  All applicants must be members in good standing, in their own right (have a prime share account in their own name) before submitting an application.

    3. Immediate or extended family members of Directors, Employees, Supervisory Committee Members or Advisory Group Members will be excluded from submitting applications for Hanscom Federal Credit Union or CCUA Scholarship.

    4. Applicants must submit a completed scholarship application, their official cumulative transcripts, high school resume, SAT scores and a one-page typed, double-spaced essay on the topic:  “Year 2020 has been unprecedented related to the COVID Pandemic.  Explain how the pandemic has affected your goals and educational choices.” (2021)

    5. The items listed above must arrive at the credit union no later than second Monday in March. Official cumulative transcripts submitted after that date may be accepted.

    6. Applicants must be planning to attend an accredited college, university or other institution of higher learning on a full time basis during the next academic school year.

    7. Selection of the recipients is to be made by the Award’s Committee appointed annually by the Chairman of the Board.

    8. Applicant must have achieved an overall minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 Scale or its equivalent. This requirement may be waived if other achievements or accomplishments exist which are far superior to the other applicants.

    9. The decision of the Awards Committee will be final.  If, in the opinion of the committee, there are not sufficient applicants who qualify the credit union reserves the right to withhold awarding any number of the scholarships authorized for that year.

    10. Winners will be announced at the credit union’s Annual Meeting.

Annual Scholarships Help College-Bound Student Members