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Plenty of people pay fees to get their credit score, but as a member of Hanscom FCU, you can meet with our representatives at no charge to review your credit report and discuss strategies to help you raise your score. Complete the form below and a member of the Member Relations team will contact you. You can also visit any branch location or call us at 800-656-4328 for details.

We care about your privacy. Please do not include your member number, SSN, or any other private information in your e-mail.
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Do you need a credit check?

What is a credit score?
A credit score is a number ranging from 350 to 850 that provides an overview of credit worthiness. Your score is important because it can impact whether you’ll get a loan and how much you’ll pay for the privilege. The good news is that credit scores can change constantly, so it is possible to increase your score and reap the rewards of doing so.

How can I get a better loan rate?
Your rate is determined by your credit score. Your credit score is determined by how well you have handled your credit responsibilities in the past.

How often does a credit score change?
Your credit file is continually updated with new information from your creditors. The score is calculated based on the latest "snapshot" of information contained in your file at the time the score is requested.

So your FICO score from a month ago is probably not the same score a lender would get from the credit reporting agency today. Fluctuations of a few points from month to month are quite common.

How can I increase my credit score results?
Your FICO score analysis will suggest things you can do to improve your score overtime. Generally, people with high scores consistently:Pay bills on time. Keep balances low on credit cards and other revolving credit products Apply for and open new credit accounts only as needed.

Can I get a credit report on my own for free?
Yes, The Fair and Accurate Credit Reporting (FACT) Act requires credit bureaus to furnish consumers a free copy of their own credit report each year by request. Please Note: Free credit reports do not include credit scores.

How do I request my free credit report through the Annual Credit Report Request Service?
To obtain your free credit reports, visit:

How can I request my free credit report review and enhancement?
Get your free credit review and score enhancement at any branch location or by calling member services at 800-656-4328.


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Julie was VERY helpful in answering our questions regarding a credit card and home equity loan. We were concerned on how this would effect our credit rating.

littleton ma


Very good rate of return


I had a very good experience with HFCU.

Montague, MA


Great service!!


Employees are very kind and willing to help customer to meet their needs.

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Not that great


Long process time; application pulled incorrect information from a previous application 6 yrs. prior. Inconsistent underwriting. Witnessed 2 exact loans (credit and income the same) one denied and one went through.



Great service - so helpful to stay on top of who I am doing.


Thank you for all you do - really appreciate all the help and support.

Beverly, MA


great experience


everything was smooth

boston, ma


Your home town Credit Union , no matter where you live


Hanscom is always on ly a call away , with pleasant knowledgeable staff always there to help you . They have surcharge free ATMS all over the country, and "shared branch" location near your home. Great Rates, and easy to work with!

Rhode Island


Great banking institution


I have been a member of Hanscom Federal Credit Union since 1984. I have had accounts in other banks but there is no comparison. Hanscom has been ahead in technology and customer service. I feel like they retain their employees for years and its great to do business with people you know. I want thank Jessica Wiggin (s) from the Bedford branch, a true "can do" employee, Jessica has always been able to resolve my banking concerns and questions with efficiency and great attitude. The banking app has given me freedom to have full control of my money at any given time. I highly rate this financial institution and recommend it to a friend or family member.

Wayland, MA




Staff is very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. I would use Hanscom Credit Union again

jamaica plain


Staff always so helpful


Always talking up my credit union

Bedford MA


Credit Report and Score

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