Hanscom AFB, MA (December 27, 2019) – Hanscom FCU Charitable Foundation hosted its annual Holiday Raffle and raised a grand total of $16,600 this year, making it another record-breaking year of employee and volunteer support. The annual event benefits A Bed for Every Child, an initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless. Contributions from Hanscom FCU employees totaled $8,300, which was matched by an $8,300 gift from the credit union. The donation will provide 66 beds for children in need in the Commonwealth.

Hanscom FCU also collects donations throughout the year through branch lobby collection boxes, resulting in an additional donation of $1,637 for the Coalition. In total, the credit union was able to donate $18,237 in 2019.

“Year round, our employees and volunteers support A Bed for Every Child with not only monetary gifts, but also their time and energy,” said Ray Phillips, Hanscom FCU’s Chairman of the Board. “The lack of a good night’s sleep affects so much of a growing child’s life, from their physical and emotional health to their performance in school. We’re honored and humbled to see the impact made by our team for this wonderful organization.”

Advocates with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, working with the public schools to assist families at risk of homelessness, learned that many children struggle in school because they do not get a good night’s sleep. For many, the reason is that they do not have their own beds. As a result, the Coalition launched A Bed for Every Child to provide beds for children in need.