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Reverse Mortgages

Get the Facts About Reverse Mortgages

The only reverse mortgage insured by the U.S. Federal Government is called a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), and is only available through an FHA-approved lender. The HECM is FHA's reverse mortgage program that enables you to withdraw a portion of your home's equity.

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is a loan against a home owned by homeowners 62 or older, which converts a portion of their equity into tax-free money without having sell their home, give up title, or make monthly mortgage payments.

Learn how you can supplement your monthly income, establish a line of credit for future use, make home improvements, or meet your larger financial goals. 

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How You Can Use a Reverse Mortgage

  • Refinance an existing mortgage or consolidate debt, to reduce your monthly bills
  • Gain more financial flexibility and control
  • Pay for large purchases, like a new automobile
  • Fund major home renovation projects
  • Establish a standby line of credit you can tap into as needed
  • Buy a home

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  • Must be age 62 or older.
  • Maintain and live in the home as your primary residence.
  • Continue to pay for property related charges such as property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, etc.
  • Participate in a consumer information session given by a HUD-approved HECM counselor. 
  • Subject to credit and underwriting approval.

Videos: Reverse Mortgages

Watch our short videos to learn more about home equity conversion mortgages (HECM).

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Contact Us About Reverse Mortgages

If you’re 62 or older, talk to our home loan experts to determine if a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is right for you.

Complete the form and a mortgage specialist will contact you within 48 hours. We'll give you all the information you need so you can confidently - and easily - make your own decision, the one that's right for you.

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Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Disclosures

All borrowers, non-borrowing spouses, guardians, conservators, and power of attorneys are required to be counseled by a third party, HUD-approved counselor. This can be done over the phone or face-to-face, in compliance with state regulations. Massachusetts and Tennessee residents are required to attend a face-to-face meeting. The signed and dated counseling certificate is required before loan processing can begin.

Borrowers who elect a fixed rate loan will receive a single disbursement lump-sum payment.  Other payment options are available only for adjustable rate loans.  Reverse Mortgage loans are available in all states EXCEPT Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, New York, and North Carolina.  Subject to credit and underwriting approval. This material has not been reviewed, approved or issued by FHA, HUD or any government agency.