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You Could Win $20,000!

$20,000 Cash Raffle!

Thank you for your interest in the cash raffle to support Veterans Inc. All tickets have been sold.

The drawing will be held on or before January 17, 2023. Should you have any questions regarding the Veterans Inc. Cash Raffle, please contact us at 800-656-4328 or email 

Learn More About Veterans Inc.

Every dollar raised through this fundraiser will benefit Veterans Inc., a New England-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, in providing essential services, including homelessness prevention, for our nation's veterans. The funds raised with the cash raffle will assist Veterans Inc. in continuing the work they've done since 1990 helping over 85,000 veterans in need.

In addition to addressing veterans' immediate housing needs, Veterans Inc. incorporates job training and employment services, health and wellness programs, and supportive services from transportation and legal advice designed to help veterans regain self-sufficiency and reconnect with their families, friends, and the community.

The drawing for the $20,000 prize is scheduled on or before January 17, 2023, depending on how quickly tickets sell out. Should you have any questions regarding the raffle, please contact Laura Galeski at 800-656-4328 ext 2073.