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Get fast, flexible access to your home's equity. Our 3 in 1 Advantage Plan is an equity line of credit, with options for fixed loans and a convenient credit card in one handy package.

  • No application fees
  • No minimum draw requirement
  • No closing costs*

Line of Credit

  • Borrow as often as you like, up to your approved limit.
  • As you pay down the balance, your available credit increases.
  • Take any portion of your line, convert it to a fixed rate advance and choose your repayment term...no application needed.
  • Interest-only payment option available.

Fixed Rate Advances

  • Get the security of fixed payments by converting any or all of your line into a fixed rate advance.
  • Get up to three fixed rate advances at a time.
  • Each advance works like an installment loan with fixed payments for the term you choose.
  • Fix your rate anytime without an application.

Credit Card

  • Convert a portion of your equity into a Platinum credit card.
  • Get the same great low rate you enjoy on your line of credit.
  • Automatic enrollment in MemberPoints lets you earn free gift cards, brand-name merchandise and great travel rewards on purchases.

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Home Equity 3 in 1 Advantage Plan

  •  Rates effective 12-06-2016
Line of Credit and Visa Platinum Credit Card APR1 Payment per $1,0002 Alert Me
To 75% LTV (Prime - 1/2%) 3.00% Varies
76% to 85% LTV (Prime + 1/2%) 4.00% Varies
Over 85% LTV (Prime + 1 1/2%) 5.00% Varies
Fixed Rate Advance - To 75% LTV Alert Me
Up to 5 years 3.49% $18.19
5 to 10 years 4.49% $10.36
10 to 15 years 4.99% $7.90
15 to 20 years 5.99% $7.16
Fixed Rate Advance - 76% to 85% LTV Alert Me
Up to 5 years 3.74% $18.30
5 to 10 years 4.74% $10.48
10 to 15 years 5.24% $8.03
15 to 20 years 6.24% $7.30
Fixed Rate Advance - Over 85% LTV Alert Me
Up to 5 years 3.99% $18.42
5 to 10 years 4.99% $10.60
10 to 15 years 5.49% $8.17
15 to 20 years 6.49% $7.45
Apply for a Home Equity
Rates shown are for members with the best credit profile. Other rates are available, based on your credit history. Contact Member Services at 800-656-4328 for rate details.

The plan allows up to three fixed rate advances from your line at any given time during the 10 year draw period. If you terminate your line within the first 24 months after closing, you will be responsible for closing costs. These costs generally range from $400-$700. Closing costs do not include any taxes (if necessary). Interest begins accruing upon loan disbursal. Check with your tax adviser about tax deductibility of interest. Homeowners insurance is required. Total Mortgages/Property Value = LTV
  • 1APR=Annual Percentage Rate.
  • 2Repayment amounts will vary depending on the term. This example is estimated for the maximum term.

Home Equity Early Disclosure / Terms

Non-usage Fee: During the draw period, when there are no advances taken for any twelve (12) consecutive months following your anniversary date, you agree to pay the Lender a Non-Usage fee of $50.00.

*If you terminate your line within the first 24 months after closing, you will be responsible for closing costs. Please refer to the Closing Cost Addendum you received at  loan closing for the total amount of your closing costs.