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Video Tutorials

New User Enrollment:

In this tutorial we’ll cover the Enrollment Process for those who are new to Online Access HD.

Video : Online Access Help for New User

How can I reset my Online Account Access Password?

Video : Forgot your online access password?

Step by Step Instructions

Here are step by step instructions to get you up and running

To sign up for online access for the first time, open the enrollment form by clicking on Enroll in the Online Access HD box on our home page.

New User Enrollment page

  • Type in your member number, X-TEL Password, and Last Name (as it is in our records); then click the Submit Enrollment button.
  • A page will open with a temporary User Name and Password.  The temporary user name will be your Member Number. The password is a random code of numbers and letters. 
  • Copy the password then click the “here” link to be logged into Online Access in a new window line.

Set-up Your Login data

  • This will return you to our home page log in box.  Enter your member number and click the Submit button.
  • A new page will open asking you to type in your password.  
  • Paste the password from the Enrollment screen here. Click on the Login Button.
  • Select a delivery method to receive a Secure Access Code, click the SUBMIT Button. 
  • A Secure Access Code will be generated and sent by way of the contact method you selected.
  • Once you get the code from your phone or email enter it into the Secure Access Code box, click the SUBMIT Button. 
  • A page will open asking you to Activate the Browser.   
  • Choose to either Activate the Browser or get one time access only.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and Accept to proceed.
  • Verify Online Profile, Click Submit, Click OK in the confirmation box.
  • Change Password in accordance with requirements, re-enter temporary password in the  Old Password Box, Create a New password, Confirm, Click Submit, Click OK to confirm.
  • Create new Login ID in accordance with requirements. Click Submit.
  • Account Overview page will open if browser was activated.
  • If not activated, Security Code Page will appear.


Browser Configuration Information

The default settings in most browsers will allow you to log in to Online Access HD. The following browsers are currently certified for Online Access HD, Bill Payment and our other Online Services:

  • Internet Explorer 8.x (Windows) or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 23.x or higher
  • Safari 5.x or higher
  • Google Chrome 29.x or higher

Learn more about specific browser configuration recommendations.

Still have questions?  Contact member services.