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Let's do lunch. Tap into our expert knowledge with an onsite seminar. Our 45 minute programs are designed to fit into the work day. Offering a Lunch and Learn seminar for your staff couldn't be easier.

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2019 Seminars

“Orientation: Your Credit Union At Work For You”
Use Your Home Equity to “Close the Retirement Gap”
Estate Planning-Protect your family's future
Money Management- Setting Financial Goals

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Money Management

  • Managing Your Money
    • Creating a personal budget
    • Making your money work for you
    • Using online resources and ATMs to make finances simple and convenient
    • Keeping records organized

Build Wealth

  • Investing 101
    • Is investing in your future?
    • Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
    • Annuities Investment approaches & strategies

  • Intermediate Investing Techniques
    • Why do institutional investors consistently beat individuals?
    • Can individual investors close that gap?
    • Seven deadly sins of investing.
    • Three keys to long term investing success.

Home Buying

  • Your Route to Home Ownership
    • Is ownership right for me?
    • How much house can I afford?
    • What types of mortgages are out there?
    • Will I be able to get financing?

  • Preparing to Buy a Home
    • Is my credit report important?
    • Steps to take before you buy
    • Is getting pre-qualified important?


  • Buying a new vehicle?
    • Where do I start?
    • Should I have a plan?
    • When is the best time to buy?
    • How do I get the best price?
    • When do I negotiate a trade-in?